The final touches are being put on the 2018 Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Corteva Agriscience Canada’s Marketing Communications Leader Loralee Orr who will be speaking at the conference says there are a number of reasons why she enjoys this event.

“I have been to the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference four or five times and they are such good events,” said Orr.  “There is so much energy and you get to make such great connections all across the industry so obviously we work in plant science, chemistry, seed, but you make connections with people that are producers of all different types of commodities from chickens, eggs, beef, so it’s a great conference to both connect individuals and learn some new practices.”

Orr says these conferences are important for the Canadian Agriculture industry.

“I think the more we can promote the leadership of women in Ag the better off agriculture will be and certainly moving forward when we are working with consumers I think we have got a unique role and position in that as well.”

Orr will be sharing her insights about the merger of three companies to create Corteva Agriscience at this year’s conference.

Orr says there are a lot of things this conference does well.

“I think that networking is the biggest strength of this conference, there are awesome speakers and the speakers really kind of foster that communication and idea exchange, but where you really learn and reinforce what you have heard is in the conversations you have and the connections you make in between.”

For more information or to register, click here.

Rural Roots Canada is a proud sponsor of the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference.



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