Niagara Falls (Rural Roots Canada) – The countdown is on and preparations are being made for the Advancing Women in Agriculture AWC East 2024 Conference happening in Niagara Falls, Ontario from November 17-19.

Lynda Campbell with TD Bank Agriculture Services has been a long-time conference attendee. She says the conference shines a very bright light on the importance of women in the agriculture sector.

“Working and being in the industry, I see so many women coming back to the farm or on the farm and the role they play and how little we know about their contributions to the operations,” says Campbell. “So many of them are sole farmers themselves now and this conference is a great opportunity for women to help women.”

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In the more than five years she’s been participating in the conference, Campbell says she’s always learned something new from every AWC conference.

advancing women
Lynda Campbell – TD

“There’s never been a time or a speaker that comes up where you don’t have a takeaway or an a-ha! moment. I find so much personal development, mental health and wellness, leadership and strategies, and connecting with like-minded people.”

Campbell strongly encourages attending an AWC event if you haven’t had the chance.

“Every year it’s different and, every year, it continues to empower women. It’s unbelievable what you’ll get out of it.”

Registration for the AWC East 2024 conference will be open soon. More details about the event can be found on the website.