Alberta (Rural Roots Canada) – Open Farm Days is celebrating its tenth anniversary this weekend as participating farms across the province invite you to experience a day in the life of a rural farm.

This year’s theme is “It Takes a Hive” and celebrates the interdependency of farming and the importance of family, friends, and community coming together to get the food we eat to market.

It’s similar to how everyone’s favourite pollinator, the honey bee, pollinates the fruits and vegetables that we wouldn’t have otherwise.

More than 100 farms are taking part this year.


In a statement, Tim Carson, CEO of the Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies, says it’s an opportunity to showcase where our food comes from and to learn more about stewardship producers take to ensure the quality and sustainability of their products.

“Alberta’s agriculture fuels an industry that creates amazing local food and drink,” says Carson.

“Through the lens of rural tourism, Open Farm Days provides a conduit for Albertans to experience small communities, agri-tourism business, and experience a broader perspective of our great province. All of which drives our economy.”

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Open Farm Days will also feature several culinary events. In keeping with the theme, one of the unique products created for the day is a tasty, sweet treat called Honey Floss, which celebrates Alberta’s highly valued local honey.

Open Farm Days is free to attend. You can find more information about participating farms and directions to get to each by visiting the Open Farm Days website.

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