Silverado, California`s Obbie Schlom is back for a second go-around at the Cowboy Up! competition at the Calgary Stampede. 

And like last year, the 19-year-old is once again a crowd favourite.

Schlom returned to Calgary this year with last year`s competition under her belt and an appetite for more. 

She tells Rural Roots Canada she was excited to get another invite from the committee.

“I’m just honoured to be here, I just love the Stampede and the revenue they bring in, they put on an awesome, awesome event for us. I’m just tickled to be back,” says Schlom.

Schlom did not bring her mule Eli this time, as he had already been in several competitions already this year, electing to go with a young 3-year old horse named Two Socks instead.

“He’s an American Quarter Horse from the 6666 Ranch (in Texas) and they breed awesome stock.  He’s lovely and he’s been my closest companion for the past couple of months.”

She says she worked on a few things in between Stampedes.

“Horsemanship is a big deal and so over the past few months and this last year I’ve really tried to polish my horsemanship and trying to get those extra points.”

Schlom hopes to be back next year and wants to also do a performance with her bull and zebra.

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