A Blacksmith from Scotland strikes it while it’s hot on his way to being named World Champion Blacksmith at the Calgary Stampede.

Speaking immediately after he finished the grueling hour long competition, Farrier David Varini says his horse was wiggling a little bit because of the crowd, which made it all a little more difficult.

“And then I panicked a little bit and made a few mistakes, so I pushed to make the time back up.  I think it went okay,” says Varini.

Little did he know, he would be named a world champion only a short time later.

Varini tells Rural Roots Canada he always wanted to do something with horses when he was younger and he thought getting into Blacksmithing would be a perfect fit for a career, with competing just an added bonus.

“I didn’t realize the whole competition side of it, this was just an extra added bonus.  I’m fortunate I can have a job which is also my hobby.

As for his business back home, there are now two world champions working side-by-side.

“I have a partnership with Paul Robinson he’s a world champion, he’s competed here several times and has been very successful. He is at home taking care of the business right now.”

Varini says he only likes to compete 4 or 5 times a year, because he has a young daughter back at home.

England’s Matthew Randle took home Reserve Champion honours.

England's Matthew Randle takes home Reserve Champion.
England’s Matthew Randle named Reserve Champion.
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