A new wave of cutting-edge nutritional innovation is emerging to power the animal agriculture and feed industries in Canada and beyond, helping them to meet today’s challenges while supporting a strong future.

Participants across the animal nutrition industry – including researchers, nutritionists, feed industry specialists and other industry partners – can learn about the latest progress and perspectives from top experts, as the Animal Nutrition Association of Canada (ANAC) hosts the second annual Animal Nutrition Conference of Canada (ANCC), May 2-3 in Edmonton, Alberta. (Those wishing to attend can register at www.animalnutritionconference.ca)

Latest science and innovations

The ANCC brings together the former ANAC-hosted Western Nutrition Conference and Eastern Nutrition Conference into one united national event, featuring top speakers, hot topics and the latest science-based knowledge and progress, along with outstanding discussion and networking opportunities. The inaugural ANCC was last year in Quebec City.

“We are excited to bring the ANCC to the west and are looking forward to an outstanding event with participants from across the country,” says Theunis Wessels of Nutrition Partners and Poultry Partners, Industry Co-Chair of the ANCC Organizing Committee. “This is a unique opportunity to participate in a truly national forum with colleagues from across our industry, to hear directly from top experts and gain new insights on the innovations, changes and opportunities shaping the future. Interest and sponsorship support has been excellent leading up to ANCC 2018. We encourage everyone interested to register soon. Don’t miss this ‘must attend’ event for anyone wishing to keep up with the latest animal nutrition developments.”

Performance, profitability and sustainability

The 2018 conference program features a robust agenda of presentations and discussions covering many of the most advanced and relevant developments and insights on animal nutrition science and strategies. In addition to the strong science program, the ANCC will showcase industry partners and graduate student research from across Canada.

“The world of animal nutrition and feed innovation is rapidly advancing,” says Rob Patterson of Canadian Bio-Systems Inc., ANCC Program Chair and member of the Leadership Group of the ANAC Nutrition Committee. “With changes and new expectations across the industry it has never been more important for nutritionists and everyone involved in the technical side of animal nutrition to be informed of the newest cutting-edge solutions and strategies. The 2018 ANCC program is designed to cover all the bases of what you need to know based on the latest science. It’s a dynamic forum not only for learning but also sharing knowledge and ideas with industry colleagues. The momentum generated at the conference will set the stage for innovation and progress throughout the year.”

Advancing industry progress

The animal nutrition industry across Canada has entered a pivotal time of evolution in 2018, driven by a host of developments including new rules and expectations around antimicrobial use, fast-changing marketplace and customer demands, increasing links to sustainability issues, and major shifts in the regulatory environment. “There’s no question the industry is moving very quickly,” says nutritionist and ANAC Board member Andy Humphreys of Versus Animal Nutrition. “A big component of this conference is to keep pace with the changes. Building on the success of the inaugural national conference, ANCC is fulfilling its vision as a world-class conference to bring technical animal nutrition and feed industry people together, to drive progress and support our industry as a whole.”

Conference speakers include a ‘who’s who’ of top animal nutrition scientists and researchers from Canada, the U.S. and further abroad. Full program details, ongoing sponsor opportunities and registration information are all available at www.animalnutritionconference.ca.

The Animal Nutrition Association of Canada (ANAC) is the national trade association of the livestock and poultry feed industry, with over 170 members including feed and ingredient manufacturers and distributors as well as suppliers of a wide range of goods and services to the feed industry.  Learn about ANAC at www.anacan.org.