Niagara Falls — A new leadership training program to help farmers with their operations will get underway in January.

The National Farm Leadership program from Farm Management Canada, which launched in September, empowers farmers who have a desire to learn and to perform, in real time.

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Heather Watson is the Executive Director of Farm Management Canada.

She says the new program will get underway in the new year.

“It’s an 11-week program devoted to leadership development, and it includes a three-day residency, so we’re here (Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference) touting our new program, and we’re proud to do that with Kelly Dobson from LeaderShift, who is powering the program,” said Watson.

Watson says they wanted to make the program fit in a farmer’s busy schedule.

“We have been working for just over a year on how to make it something that really appeals to farmers and so we want to make it fit into busy farm life.”

She says farmers don’t have a lot of time to spare.

“We’re hoping through the program they can get back some of that time that they spend on the farm by working a little bit more efficiently and effectively and also concentrating on personal well-being and professional development and as well as the development of the business as well.”

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Watson and Kelly Dobson from LeaderShift ran a workshop on some of the material from the program for attendees of the recent Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference in Niagara Falls.

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