Season two kicks off with an interview with PJ Budler.

(Food Careers) – In this first episode, of season 2, Jill talks to PJ Budler, a world-renowned cattle consultant and judge. PJ talks about his unusual career, the countries he has visited while consulting and judging cattle, and the people he has met along the way. PJ also gives essential advice to young people hoping to follow in his footsteps. Most importantly, PJ talks about his passion to help people breed better cattle to help feed the world’s growing population with a product that is plentiful, sustainable, and affordable.

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PJ was raised on a 5th generation cattle operation in South Africa. He founded BonHaven Beef Cattle at age 15. BonHaven went on to become a multinational, 1,500 head registered cow herd located on 5 properties in South Africa, Namibia and Mauritius.
PJ moved to Texas, USA in 2013 to establish an International Cattle Initiative promoting awareness, goodwill and trade between and within all breeds and countries.

Since then PJ has had the privilege of judging 57 breeds in 34 countries, becoming the first ever cattle judge to judge a National show on all 6 continents. He has travelled to 92 different countries consulting, judging, speaking and touring livestock operations.
Currently PJ runs the “Champion of the World” Competition and is the International Business Manager for Trans Ova Genetics.

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