OLDS – My next guest on the Food Careers podcast is Brooke Mierke from Didsbury, Alberta. Brooke is a talented entrepreneur who owns the most exquisite restaurant called, Vintage Coffee Bar. I am fortunate enough to visit this coffee bar often, since it is located in my hometown. How lucky am I? Imagine a crisp farm house style meeting place, where the food is homemade and the coffee is always fresh. Just wait, there’s more and that’s why I was inspired to share this story.

Brooke has big dreams and made them a reality, through research, hard work and building a strong group of supporters. Join us as we walk through this small business owner’s journey to bringing fresh, wholesome, local food to her community. Like most ambitious entrepreneurs, Brooke’s business has grown in popularity rapidly, learning as the restaurant takes shape. In Food Careers episode #2, she shares insights with those who aspire to start their own restaurant business.

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Food has a great way of bringing people together. Brooke’s vision, future aspirations and personality makes this episode worth the listen and share.

Small town charm with a big city feel

Bricks, mortar and charm

The 3 C’s have shaped her business – Coffee, Community and Charm.

1. Quality coffee and fresh food 2. A place where the community meets 3. Country charm decor amplified by talented staff. Drop in for a visit and be inspired by a small town dream.

Visit http://www.facebook.com/vintagecoffeebardidsbury/ for more information on Brooke and her growing food career.

Brooke & her talented team
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