My first international guest. Josh Dowbiggin joins me in Episode 5 to share his story of entrepreneurial spirit and professional growth. Josh shares insights on his post-secondary education at Harper Adams University where a one-year work term proved to be a foot in the door to his current career at Co-op Food. At Co-op Food, Josh works with a team to deliver quality dairy products to its customers while ensuring farmers’ sustainability long-term.

Josh Dowbiggin at his home in Skipton, UK

In his teens, Josh invested in purebred UK breeding cattle and then traveled to North America to learn about alternative business models. Quickly, Josh developed an import/export business based in the UK servicing global clients. Today, his business is booming with record breaking events and a growing global following.

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Farmers Weekly Award – Agricultural Student of the year 2017
Record Breaking Sale, Designer Genes – Managed by Josh Dowbiggin
Multi year record breaking events in the UK – Designer Genes and Designer Genes Goes Global.

I asked Josh where he would like to see himself in 5 years, I bet you’ll be surprised with his answer. Download Episode 5 of Food Careers for an insightful conversation with this young, enthusiastic businessman.



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