Calgary (Rural Roots Canada) – It’s Good Canada!  As Canadians ask serious questions about where and how their food is produced, a new campaign aims to grow the conversation.

The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity has launched a campaign encouraging Canadians to learn about all the people involved in getting food from the farm to your plate.

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John Jamieson is the President and CEO of the CCFI.

He says it was the right time to grow this conversation.

“Recently with the pandemic, we know that Canadians are a lot more interested in the food system because of different things that have been happening, so we thought it was a great opportunity to launch a new campaign that reassures Canadians that food will continue to be delivered, but really gets into talking about the people behind the food system,” Jamieson said.

He says they really want to celebrate the work the farmers, truckers, the people in the warehouses and factories do every day.

Jamieson says they are focused on talking more about jobs, food pricing, science, technology, climate change, and exports.

“I think the one message that I would want people to take out of it is that there is a continuous commitment by the Canadian Food System to deliver quality, safe, and affordable food.”

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He says while there may be bumps in the road, we can adapt, and this will continue today and into the future.

Jamieson says the campaign is dedicated to the over two-million Canadians who have fed people in this country and countless others around the world for generations.

“I’ve been involved in the food system, probably for 25 years, so I have a pretty good sense of it. What I have learned is that there are some really neat and committed people that get up every morning and say you know what I’m going to get up and do my job and today and my job may involve raising a beef animal or driving a truck.”