Calgary (Rural Roots Canada) – For the first time since 2019, the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference is set to take place in person in Calgary.

It will happen June 21 and 22.

Katelyn Duban, who farms with her husband in southeast Alberta and is the host of the popular Rural Woman Podcast, will speak on all the women she has connected with in conversation on the show.

“I really feel like there are overall themes and topics that we always come back to when it comes to being a woman in a male dominated industry, which can be a challenge,” Duban said.

But, she adds, it can also be super rewarding to know that they can persevere and we can do hard things.

“I’m excited to share all of the wisdom and tidbits that I have heard from all of these incredible women.”

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Another speaker, Dr. Sandip Lalli, will be speaking on the future of women in agriculture and your core values.

She says it will be good to be back together again.

“It’s important to connect in person and re-establish those relationships and also openly share and build that collaborative trust so that you can actually move your career forward if that is what you choose or contribute to the industry in a meaningful way that will leave it better for those behind us,” Lalli said.

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Tanya McDonald is the interim Vice President of Academic and Research at Lakeland College.

She will be sitting on a panel discussing what women can do to be the most influential leaders in today’s environment.

“No easy question for sure, but I’m excited to bring some of my perspective and some of the ideas and thoughts of some of our leaders and students at Lakeland College.”

She says more than 60 percent of our agricultural students at Lakeland are women, so they look at these things with an equity, diversity inclusion lens.

For more information on the speakers, agenda, and register for the event, click here.