Calgary (Rural Roots Canada) There was a certain energy in the sessions, the presentations, during the meals, and the coffee networking breaks.

It couldn’t be missed by anyone at the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference in Niagara Falls.

The source of that energy was the 36 students who were in attendance, all eager to meet experts from across the industry and learn from the presentations.

One of those students who ventured to Niagara Falls traveled around 9,000 kilometres to attend.

Cecilia Vignau, who is an agricultural student from Argentina, was very excited to meet as many people at the conference as possible.

She says farming in Argentina and Canada is very different.

“Families own a large amounts of land, but they don’t leave the farms mostly and the other thing that is different is that you can rent a farm, which is not common here.,” Vignau said. “The access to financing is very complicated for family farming and for small companies in general.”

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She says she journeyed to Canada to take part in the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference in Canada because it was a great opportunity to network.

“I think that women have a big responsibility in the world about boosting economic growth. I think we are the key and financial inclusion around what women would do to take small families out of poverty I think it is important that women have access to the finance system.”

Cecilia was sponsored by ‘Cultovo.’

Co-Founder Brodie Houlette says one of their investors had a great idea to bring someone up for Argentina up for this conference.

“So when we were in Buenos Aires we reached out to the embassy we asked if they could find somebody who would be interested in coming, spoke English, and worked in the agricultural sector. We got really lucky to meet Cecilia, and now she is here. We are so excited to cross-pollinate ideas between women in agriculture in Argentina and women in agriculture in Canada.  Knowledge can transfer from one to the other, and it makes everybody richer.”

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Rural Roots Canada is a proud sponsor of the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conferences.

For more information and to register for the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference in Calgary on March 23 and 24 click here.



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