Calgary (Rural Roots Canada) – 4-Hers are finding innovative ways to market their livestock with the challenges that COVID-19 presents.

4-H members are selling their animals online or by private treaty as they cannot gather at their annual achievement days.

Acting Interim CEO Kim McConnell says this is an excellent example of the members ‘learning to do by doing.’

“They’re coming up with different ways of marketing their animals, whether it be live auction animals, or whether they are selling them in quarters and they’re selling them in various ways,” McConnell said.

“As you well know, the markets have not been overall great the last while so this is causing the members to get creative and do videos of each of their animals and show them in their best light and then be able to get out and promote this so they can get bidder and buyers to be involved.”

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McConnell says there are also around 22 charity steers and two charity lambs up for sale this year as part of the members’ commitment to the community.

“From Ronald McDonald House to the local food bank to whatever.   I know I bid the other day to make sure that I am in on this, and hopefully, I can get something out of this, but the proceeds go to a charity.  So not only are you providing something the benefits 4-H, you are providing something for the local charity.”

McConnell says the local communities are once again coming together in a big way to support the members.

He adds there is a lot more interest right now in people knowing where their food comes from.

“This year it appears that there’s more interest in food and there’s more interest where food is coming from, so there’s also more interest in people buying online so that they can buy their meat for various areas. The members are capitalizing on that and telling their friends and telling their families.”

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He adds the sales base is a little bigger than it has been in the past, and that’s wonderful too.

There are a couple of ways people can take part in and help 4-H and their local charity.

A complete listing of upcoming 4-H beef auctions can be found by clicking here.

You can also contact the 4-H Foundation of Alberta and make a financial donation.  4-H Alberta will then connect you to the local 4-H club and the charity it is supporting.  By going this way, you support the charity and receive a charitable tax receipt.

The sales are already underway and are running through June, many other animals are being sold through private treaty.  The animals are disappearing due to high demand, so buyers are encouraged to act quickly.



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