Penticton (Rural Roots Canada) – Canadians still love beef but have lingering questions about beef production and nutrition. 

That’s the findings of a study by Leger Marketing which looked at how Canadians shop and cook Canadian beef and their understanding of beef from a nutrition perspective. 

Lisa Covens, vice president of Communications and Public Affairs at Leger Marketing, says there’s a lot of positive support for the industry, despite the negative hype that tends to surround it. 

Still, Covens says, the findings show there’s room for more public education about the industry. 

“There is some uncertainty around beef, its health benefits, the environmental impact of the industry, effective farming, what cattle are fed, and the effect that has cattle itself. A large number of Canadians don’t have the answers.” 

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Covens says many who responded to the survey do not know enough about beef production practices.

“It wasn’t that they had wrong information, it was more that they either weakly agreed with things, or they were only kind of agreeing with what we were asking,” she says. 

Canada Beef, which commissioned the research study, says the results provide interesting food for thought for marketing and promotion efforts pertaining to health, nutrition, and sustainable beef production. 

Covens presented the findings at the Canadian Beef Industry Conference in Pentiction, B.C.